Our Family

Jennifer Boss, Administrator:
Jennifer Boss was born and raised in the Redding Area and currently resides in Cottonwood. Jenn is married to her high school sweetheart Cory Boss and has 3 children. Jenn began working for Lavender Hills Assisted Living in October of 2008. She started out working out as a PM Shift Caregiver and quickly advanced to a lead position. Upon being hired by Lavender Hills Assisted Living LLC she had no intention of staying here long term. A current employee at the time had convinced her to come in and apply and had to practically drag her in here. Jenn had previously held a CNA license and hated working the in the skilled nursing facilities in conditions where she felt no matter how hard she worked she could never properly care or a resident so she walked away from that line of work and let her license lapse and never planned on returning. She was waiting to receive her phlebotomy license and was planning on working at Lavender Hills short term. Jenn was a lead on the PM Shift for about 1.5 years and when a spot opened up on the AM Shift opened up and she became an AM Shift Lead. Jenn was able to accomplish more in her 8 hours than the other caregivers and quickly began assisting the Administration with their duties as well. Jenn excelled at taking excellent care of the residents as well as being detail oriented and completing everything she was tasked to do. In the first part of 2011, Lavender Hills sent Jenn to class to get her administrative certification. She got her Administrator's license in May of 2011. Jenn immediately was pulled off the floor and put into assisting the current Administrator run House 2. The current administrator had things that called her way from work that required Jenn to step up and run the facility for periods of time. In August of 2013 the current Administrator retired and Jenn became the Administrator of House 2. In March of 2014 Jenn took over the day to day responsibilities and now oversees all three houses.
Sarah Wickenheiser, Assistant Administrator:
Sarah is the oldest daughter of Mark and Janet and was born and raised in Redding. She started out working for Lavender Hills when they first opened in 2004 for six months and then moved on to other careers for a time. In July of 2008 Sarah returned to help her parents as Lavender Hills 2 had recently opened and they were needing a little more administrative assistance. She had found just doing regular administrative work was not as near as fulfilling as working with the elderly. Sarah started out assisting the current administrator's in each house and by August of 2009 had completed her Administrator training and passed her test and was filing for her Administrator License. With Sarah's perfectionist nature and detail oriented personality she continued assisting the other administrators but her specialty was state regulations, training and employee files. In September of 2010 Sarah became the Administrator over House 1 and ran House 1 until April of 2012 when she had her first child and went on maternity leave for 3 months. Since the birth of her two children, Sarah has been on more of a part time basis in order to be a part time stay at home mother. She works any where between 1 and 3 days a week depending on what needs to get done and is always available on call to step in for the other Administrators.
Naitasha Peerman, Administrative Assistant:
Naitasha started out at Lavender Hills in November of 2016 as a NOC caregiver and has worked as a cook and an AM shift caregiver before moving into the Admin Assistant role in the middle of 2019. Naitasha has been a huge asset to our team and you can typically find her in House 2 making sure things are running smoothly or up in House 3 assisting Jennifer Boss our Administrator. Naitasha has four daughters, two of whom have worked for Lavender Hills. She just had her first grandchild, a boy named Uzziah who is 8 months old. Naitasha does well stepping into whatever role and wherever she is needed at Lavender Hills. We are so thankful to have her as a part of our team!
Rebecca "Cookie" Morris, Administrative Assistant:
Rebecca preferrably called Becca or Cookie, started working for us in August of 2018 as a cook in our largest house. Her food was so delicious and well-favored that she got the nickname "Cookie" because she is so sweet and is always making something good to eat. She now works as our weekend and on-call admin assistant and covers the call offs which is one of the hardest jobs since we operate 24/7 365 days a year. She deals really well with all our staff and we are proud to have her on our team. She has two dogs and also manages a subsidized apartment complex for the elderly when she isn't at Lavender Hills.
Laura Boex-Gilberson, Activity Director:
Laura was hired onto the Lavender Hills team in November of 2016 just after house 3 had opened. She first heard about Lavender Hills through pictures posted online by her friend DoeDoe Deaver of the gorgeous new House # 3! She messaged DoeDoe asking, "How do I get a room there??" To which her friend replied, "No room for you BUT they do need caring people to work there... why don't you apply?" She must have given them a stellar reference because she was hired as a PM caregiver/med tech the first day she walked in the door! Laura initially spent most of her time caring for all the new residents up in House 3 but eventually cross trained to work in all 3 houses. She loved getting to know each resident on a personal level and enjoyed helping them with their daily needs. In June of 2017 She attended classes in Sacramento to become a certified Activities Director. She says she still can't believe she gets to play games, plan parties, do crafts, go on outings and spend time with our amazing residents! She is so thankful to be a part of the Lavender Hills FAMILY and have a daily impact on the residents and their family's lives. Outside of work, Laura loves spending time with her mom, Mary Helen, and her 3 grown children and their spouses Ashleigh (Aric), Kindra (Tim), and Taylor. The lights of her life are her precious granddaughters, Nevalina and Elowyn whom she spends as much time as possible with! Laura also loves animals, gardening, travelling the world, spending time with close friends and doing ministry work for her church.
Service with a smile
The staff at Lavender Hills is the driving force behind our excellent reputation. Each employee of the Lavender Hills team is carefully selected, fingerprinted, health screened and trained. Our training consists of three full days of video training which educates about how to properly and compassionately care for each resident, the conditions of the elderly and how to best care for each diagnosis, extensive medication training and 24 hours of shadowing on each shift in each house. Each year our employees receive more than 20 hours of continuing educational training to keep them up to date with the current laws and to refresh their memory on safety, transferring, Alzheimer's, Dementia, medication. More than any state requirements though, our staff has an abundance of compassion and love for each resident.

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